Alma Macy is a Southern California native and has lived and worked in areas from Temecula/Murrieta and throughout San Diego county.  Her focus area is Fallbrook, Temecula and Murrieta. She has been in the business of helping people for many years.

She started working in Real Estate since 2008 during one of most challenging times in real estate history.  Her strengths are taking the time to listen to her client’s needs, support either from the buying or listing side and work very hard for her client.  She stays connected and supportive every step of the way.

Alma’s years of successful sales experience is attributed to her sense of commitment to her clients. Her approach is to find the needs and desires of the client and then to fill those needs.  Alma invests nothing less than maximum effort, care and support on behalf of every client she serves.  Her goal is to always deliver a high level of service and to stay connected every step of the way.